Coloring Christmas Cards with Copic Sketch Markers & Prismacolor Markers. Which Marker Won My Challenge?

Today I mailed a batch of Christmas cards for Operation Write Home.  I just love making cards for this organization.  I looked through my Christmas stamps and found some really cute ones from Stampin Up, House Mouse, Uptown Rubber Stamps and an unknown Santa.  I also used Stampin Up paper, and some cute ribbons from Bobbin ribbon.  I colored them all in using Copic sketch markers and Prismacolor markers.

Here is a picture of some of the cards that I made.


I first stamped the image with black pigment ink and used clear embossing powder to set the ink from smudging.

Then I used my Copic sketch markers along with some PrismaColor markers to color the images.  It was fun using these markers.  I’ve been hooked on using embossing markers with clear embossing powder for such awhile that this was a great change of pace using something different.


Awhile back, before I purchased some alcohol ink markers, and I raised the question to my fellow crafters, which is a better marker, the Copic sketch or Prismacolor?  I received all different answers from the cost to the colors available.  While I was coloring with both markers on these cards, I came to my own personal conclusion.  Copic sketch markers go on like butter.  It was like the colors went on so smooth, and effortless, while the Prismacolor markers seemed a little rough and hard.

Another difference was the size of the markers. The Copic sketch marker has a thin oval shape (that will not roll off of your work area) and it felt nice in your hand, while the Prismacolor marker is round and a little fat, for a not so comfy feel.

So for me the winner is Copic Sketch markers.  But that doesn’t mean I not use my Prismacolor markers because I will.  It just means that I really like the Copic ones better.

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!