Using the Cricut Gypsy Wanderings Cartridge for a Great Scrapbook Page

I want to share this picture with you.  As you may know, this is my favorite time of year.  I decorated my dining room table with some fall things and next thing I knew my really cute orange cat decided to be part of my table centerpiece.


So besides decorating for the fall season, I just finished an order of Christmas cards.  They came out really good and I know that my friend who ordered them will be really pleased.  Now I need to continue on this path and get a lot more Christmas cards done.

But, today is Saturday, a day when others have a day off from work and want to “play”, well I wanted to play too, so I got out my Cricut Gypsy and I did just that.   This machine makes creating so fun & easy.  I just cut out some pumpkins and cool color leaves from the Cricut Gypsy Wandering cartridge, and am going to put together a quick scrapbook page and add this picture of my centerpiece.

Here is how I did it.

First I picked out the leaves that I wanted to cut and arranged them on the Gypsy screen.


Then I arranged the paper onto the cutting mat in the same places as shown on the Gypsy screen.


Followed the prompts on the Gypsy to load the paper, and to check all the pressure settings, and pressed cut and it started cutting out the images on my Cricut Expression.


When it was done the Gypsy prompted me that it was done cutting and what would I like to do next.


I unloaded the mat, took off the leaves, and as you can see one of the black shadow leaves had its top cut off since I didn’t have the image aligned correctly on the mat for the size paper that I loaded. Oh well, I’ll cover it up somehow.


The final page looks pretty good ~ I just have to print my picture and add to this scrapbook  page.


This was so much fun to make ~ Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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