Turning an Old Dark Picture Frame Into A Bright New One

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

Today I want to share with you something a little different.  I have my baby picture that was hanging in my parents house. I really didn’t need my baby picture hanging in my house but the frame brought back so many great memories I didn’t want to get rid of it.  I really didn’t like the dark wood gold leaf not my kind of frame.  So what I decided to do was make all those happy memories into a bright happy frame.

I was so excited to start painting this frame I never took a picture of the old one, so I had to call my sister and ask her to take a picture of her frame. We hung on the same wall in our parents house for 40+ years.  Our brothers picture was in the middle of ours but since he was the first born he had a bigger  frame that didn’t have gold flowers. I guess no matter how old we got, we were always our parents babies.

 beforepaintedpictureframe          afterpaintedpictureframe

And after a few hours of having fun with paint from Valspar color samples in the summer palette collection and can’t forget the “bling” I glued a rhinestone in-between each circle, this frame turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself 🙂


I have so much paint left over, I can’t wait to see what else I will find to paint in these Happy Colors.  It was fun painting on something other then paper.  And now I can say that I hand painted a picture frame.  Don’t get me wrong I still love paper and ink, but this was good for a change of pace.

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!


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