A Zentangle Cricut Birthday Card Idea

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I want to share with you a birthday card that I made for my nephew Ryan.  He is the person who got me involved in Zentangle, so I just had to create his card with some kind of Zentangle patters but it also had to have a cool image.


I found this flamingo image on the Life Is A Beach Cricut cartridge.  It was cut on white cardstock and filled it in with my own Zentangle art.  This was a really fun card to make.

~ Happy Birthday Ryan ~

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!


Seven Months of Daily Zentangle and Loving It

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

Back in January I told you that I started to Zentangle.  If you missed it you can read the post of Happy New Year.  Well I can’t believe its been seven months and I haven’t missed a day 🙂

zen joanie 2016

What I think is really great about Zentangle is that you can incorporate it into all different forms of crafting.  I have cut images with the Cricut Expression and also images from thin metal dies that I put thru either the Cuttlebug or Big Shot and then filled in the design with my own Zentangle pattern.   I have also used a basic rubber stamp and decorated the stamped image with an original Zentangle design.  You can use these images to make greeting cards, scrapbook pages and even put them in a frame and hang on your wall for all to see your original artwork.

I have posted some of my Daily Zentangle on Instagram Joans Craft World, if you like to check them out.

Hope you all have a Great Weekend and maybe if you are just relaxing, try your own Zentangle design and see for yourself how much fun this is 🙂

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!


Cricut Expression and Zentangle Makes A Happy Fathers Day

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

This card was sooo much fun to make because I used my old favorite the Cricut Expression added with my new favorite Zentangle and look what I created?


I used the Cricut Expression with the Wild Card Cartridge to cut out the Phrase Happy Fathers Day on white cardstock.

Then I started having a lot of fun just Zentangling each letter with a black 01 Micron marker from Sakura.  Used some pop dots for the 3D look on the back of the phrase and then just layered with black and blue cardstock.

I am really happy how this card came out.  Why don’t you try to incorporate some of your old and new favorite crafts together and see what cool things you can create 🙂

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!



Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year My Fellow Crafters,

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and time off from work.  It looks like I enjoyed my time off from blogging, but I have a lot to share with you.

I have added a new form of art to my resume. I have been so happy and content rubber stamping and designing cards with my Cricut expression that I guess I had blinders on to all the other creative art that is out there.

Back in November I took a Zentangle Class at an art shop in Jacksonville.  You might be asking what is Zentangle?  I asked the same question to my nephew Ryan who showed me this really cool piece of art that he was working on for his art class.  When I started asking him a lot of questions he told me to “google it”  and I am so happy that I did.

Zentangle is an art form and method that was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  This type of art is fun, relaxing and also provides artistic satisfaction and increased sense of well-being.  A finished Zentangle is an unplanned abstract approach to art because you have no idea what the result will be.  If you want to learn more you can check out Zentangle dot com.

Anyway, I have been so excited to sit every night (really I have been doing this every night since 11/15) with a blank piece of cardstock that is cut into 4×4 and a Sakura micron marker. You don’t need anything else, unless you want your design to have color.

11-15-14 zentangle

This is my first Zentangle that I made in class.  I am going to continue this daily and see where it takes me.  I will be sharing more of my Zentangle art with you in other posts.  That’s not to say that I am not going to be doing all the other fun paper crafts that I love as well.  You know me, I need my Cricut and Rubber Stamps LOL 🙂

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!