Scrapbook Journaling

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories. You don’t want to lose the sight of your main goal and that is to tell a story of a special landmark in you or your family’s life, to share with your friends and family with pride and confidence. Most people forget to journal in their scrapbooks and without journaling it is just a photo album. The reason why journalizing is important is so that you can express to others who are looking at you scrapbook your thoughts, the names of people in the picture and Why this event has made such an impact on your life that you want to share with others.Think of your Scrapbook pages as your very own story book and then give it a name. There are so many ways to TITLE your pages, from big bold letters to handwritten letters, just make sure it does not overwhelm the most important elements of the page and that is the pictures.

If your picture is of a special person in your life or a place that you love to go, don’t forget to journal that somewhere on that page. You do this for a lot of reasons but the main reason is so that whoever is looking at the scrapbook page will feel connected to who you are with and also where you were when this event took place. You want family and friends to feel like they were there with you.

My husband and friends say that I make up words and I usually have a “weird saying” from each trip that we take. My favorite was “Too Tatootey” you had to be there to understand anyway, I make sure that I put down my “saying” somewhere in that Scrapbook and all of those who know me will get a good laugh when they read it. Make your Scrapbook Personal. So many people are Scrapbooking making there pages look like someone else’s, where the fact is that this is a story of what happened in your life not there’s. Just Make it your own and you will see how easy scrapbooking becomes when you are You, and that is the best person/scrapbooker to be.

Even though you may have laughed your butt off when the picture was taken, if you don’t write things down, in years you will forget what touched your funny bone. It is so important to jot down a few words on a piece of paper and save it with your photographs if you think that you won’t get the chance to create your pages right away.

Occasionally you may forget your camera, or run out of film or disc space, or maybe even not be allowed to use a camera at an important event. No worries, you can still Journal that part of your life by using your Scrapbook to document that event. You can use all types of embellishments to capture what you were experiencing at that time that your camera was not. Your words will make the picture.

For those who have a fear of using their handwriting to journal you don’t have to worry. There are stickers, rub-ons, die cuts to help you overcome your fear, however, I recommend using your handwriting at least once in each Scrapbook you create, just so a sample of your handwriting will be with your family and friends forever.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!