Back to my Handmade Custom Christmas Cards

Back in September I was telling you about an idea that I had for my Christmas cards this year.  Well my idea in my head sounded great, but I just couldn’t get it right on paper. So now I am really behind in my card making, but not too worry. I just finished a sample of this year’s card. It is a fun card, with a lot of color and layers. I will share my card with you in December only because if my family & friends read this blog, they will see the card that they will be receiving in the mail.  And if you like my Christmas card, you can start making them for your cards next year.

Now it’s time to talk about Cricut.

If you never heard of a Cricut, you will start hearing a lot about it from me.

I have had this personal cutting machine for a year already but am just seeing how much you can really do with it. It’s too cool.

This machine is amazing. It is great for all of those Scrapbookers out there as well as Greeting Card Makers.

After you cut an image (from whatever color paper you want it to be), you can embellish it any way YOU want, not how the craft store and manufacturers sell it to you.

So when I am done with my Christmas Cards, I will share with you all of the new creations that I will be making with my Cricut.

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!