Memories Will Last Forever Especially When They Are Handmade

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

I have had a tough few months.  In April my Mom passed away, then in May my Dad passed.  This has been really hard on me and my family but we have learned that my Mom and Dads lives were the perfect love story.  They were married for 62 years and they just could not be apart from each other.  My faith tells me that they both are in a much better place and I now have two angels watching over me.  I will have precious memories of them both in my heart forever.

When we were going through boxes of my parents belongings we really learned how very crafty they both were.

When my Dad was in the Navy in WWII he kept a journal and also had a scrapbook of all the places that he traveled being on a Navy ship for 4 years.  He also use to color black and white photos, maybe that’s why I like to take pictures and scrapbook 🙂

Then we found lots of fun crafts that my Mom made.  Christmas ornaments made with sequins and straight pins in a Styrofoam ball,  handmade and hand sewn decorative pillows made from sheer curtains and some ribbon, and the cutest thing were “nuts”  She made our family out of 5 different kind of nuts and glued googly eyes onto them.  This is just one of  the silly things my mom would do to make us laugh.  I hope it puts a smile on your face too!

we're nuts

I am going to start crafting again, I know that it is great therapy and my parents would want me to continue doing what I love.   I have a lot of  new handmade card ideas, crafting ideas and can’t forget Cricut ideas that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

Make It A Great Day and Don’t Forget To Leave Time To Craft!


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