Using the Home Decor Cricut Cartridge to Make an Elegant Wedding Album

Creating an Elegant Wedding Album

Last weekend my husband and I attended a wedding. Have you ever been at a wedding and once you saw the bride you thought that you were in a fairy tale and met Cinderella?

Well that is how I felt at this wedding. The bride was so beautiful that I could not stop taking pictures. So what I decided to do was to make a wedding scrapbook for her to remember her fairy tale day.

I didn’t want to take away from her beauty so when I created this wedding album, I wanted it to be elegant. So I choose the Home Décor Cricut Cartridge just because of the beautiful lacy scroll work that it had. It added the perfect touch that I was looking to achieve.



Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

National Scrapbook Day a Success!

I hope that everyone had a great National Scrapbook Day. I accomplished what I set out to do and which was to complete one album. Here are a few pages of the Easter Scrapbook Album that I would like to share with you.

I wanted the pages to have a nice spring look so I gathered up all the April scapbooking ideas I could. Some of our family from the East Coast joined us in the great southwest for the week of Easter and I wanted to capture in this scrapbook everything that we did in one week. My niece is in these pictures with us and her fantastic smile will put a smile on anyone’s face.


I also got creative for the last page of my scrapbook and did what I call “A Week in Review”. I wrote down just a little one line caption of what we did each day, and then added some embellishments to coincide with what we did.


I feel good about accomplishing what I did and we now have an Easter Scrapbook that we can enjoy forever. What did you do on National Scrapbooking Day?

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

Celebrating One Month at a Time….April Scrapbooking Ideas

If you are overwhelmed with the idea of Scrapbooking and Journaling, why not take the approach of Celebrating one month at time.

I write in a journal every day. Some may call it writing in a diary, I call it journaling. I write down things that I have done that day, how I was feeling, what struck me funny, what made me sad. I also always have a camera with me whenever I leave my house. My friends call me “Auntie Flash”, because I am always taking pictures of something.

Since the month of April is now in the history books, I am going to make a Scrapbook page just for the month of April. I have pretty cool April Scrapbooking ideas. I will go through my journal, take a highlight from each day and some pictures that I have taken during the month and let my artsy juices flow. I am going to incorporate my own handwriting along with some computer generated thoughts that I will print it out on cool paper.

Some April Scrapbooking Ideas that you can add to your scrapbook page can consist of; April fools, Easter, Passover, Earth Day, and some birthdays and anniversaries were on my calendar; maybe you had some on yours as well.

This also is a good way to use seasonal papers and embellishments that you have hanging around your craft studio, or a great reason to go and buy some new ones. For example, you can use bunny or Easter egg brads to adhere your scrapbook page. There are so many ribbons with the theme of Easter and spring. The same goes for paper, stickers, rub-ons, and anything else that you can think of.

Join me on this April scrapbook challenge. It will be fun. One month at a time.

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

What to do on National Scrapbook Day?

Come on fellow Scrapbookers, there is a National day for us.    On this day there will be no doing laundry, no cleaning the house or even doing yard work on this day.  All we are going to do is have fun and scrapbook!

National Scrapbook Day is May 2nd.  What are you going to do?  Go to your local scrapbook center and crop the day away?  Or, stay at home and have your own scrapbook crop with your friends?

Did you know that National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday of May?  Well it looks that way to me, so if you have other plans this year, mark your calendar for next year so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

I am staying home this year, but I made a goal for myself, and that is to start and finish one scrapbook.  I will not come out of my craft studio until I finish.  That sounds like I will be trapped but I Love It!

I will post some of my scrapbook pages next week to show you what I accomplished.  It’s going to be a surprise for me too.  I can’t wait to see what I do.

Whichever way you choose to spend your National Scrapbook day, make it a great one and let your creativity go wild!

What is the difference between A Cricut Cutter and a Cricut Cutting Machine?

The answer is nothing.

The Cricut cutter or also known as the Cricut Cutting Machine, Baby Bug, Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, or Original Cricut, is the greatest thing that has come to the market for creating endless possibilities for all of those crafters out there.  If you are into scrapbooking, card making, handmade party decorations, school projects that take all weekend cutting out shapes and letters, and the list goes on and on, this Cricut cutter is for you.

First of all, speaking from someone who used to love her QuicKutz Squeeze, this Cricut cutter “die-cut” machine surpasses it by a mile.  The Cricut cutter is lightweight and easy to use. It also has a handle for easy carrying.  No computer is required. The Cricut cutting machine simply plugs into any normal wall outlet. Besides the blade and Cricut cutting mat that comes with the Cricut cutting machine, you need a Cricut cartridge. The machine usually comes with two cartridges, a font cartridge and a shapes cartridge to get you started.

The Cricut cartridges are also small and lightweight, and each comes with a simple keypad overlay, and manual to make it easy to use. Although some may say that the cartridges can be a little pricey (I have seen them priced from $39 all the way up to $100), they are well worth the cost if you consider the fact that each cartridge has hundreds of designs that can be used in virtually thousands of styles and sizes, all in one cartridge. On the Cricut cutter you can cut from 1″ to 5.5″.  No more storing hundreds of die cut plates, which come in bulky sizes.  Another positive is you will have more space in your craft room.

Also available are replacement blades and mats at reasonable prices, and other accessories such as tools and carrying cases.

I personally think that the Cricut cutter is by far a best investment you can make for your crafting needs!

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