Funny Greeting Cards Save Money

For generations, we have all used greeting cards to convey our love, affection and concern for friends, family members, colleagues, and all whom we hold close to our heart. This habit has given rise to multi million dollar industries whose only job day after day, year after year is only to produce greeting cards, and today there are several of them around the world.

Birthdays, Christmas, friendship day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day etc. are just representative examples of the occasions when we use these cards. Marketers use the sales data from greeting card manufacturers to study and analyze various trends using specialized statistical tools.

E Cards have become the Craz

Electronic cards or E-cards have not lagged behind in this field, and millions of e-greeting cards are offered on the internet and most of them are free too. Other than the physical greeting cards used for various occasions, several people use attractively designed blank cards to write their own message for a variety of reasons. The boss can write a “thank you” card for his colleague, “get well” cards for those who are ill and recovering, are just some examples.

The Funny Greeting Card

Apart from all the above, there is a class of greeting cards known as funny greeting cards. These cards have funny caricatures or messages on them and are intended to be funny with the recipients too. But, rare though, there can be occasions when somebody can use these cards to insult others.

Whatever be the cause, the internet too offers a large variety of funny greeting cards. The advantage with the e-cards is that most of them can be customized to suit individual taste. You can add your own notes, pictures, scribbles or even animations to the e-card. Free download offered by many of the web sites offering funny greeting cards make it even more attractive.

As discussed earlier, the physical greeting card industry produces a mind boggling number of cards every year on a variety of medium i.e., paper, cloth, plastic, vinyl and similar material. The E-cards on the other hand does not require any of these mediums and can move around the world in pretty quick time too.

The Cost of Traditional Greeting Cards

During festival occasions even if you send a few hundred cards, it would still not dent a hole in your purse. The funny greeting cards act as a great tool to keep in touch with your near and dear ones at all times, by just clicking a few buttons. When you customize these cards, do make sure to use the right kind of jokes or messages which the recipients can appreciate. The message for your aunt and girlfriend cannot be the same. They need to be different.

Sending the funny greeting card, particularly the e-card is also very easy. After selecting the card you intend sending, customize with all the details you want and then provide the information that the web site is seeking. On the appointed date and time, your card will be electronically delivered to the addressee. When you receive an e-card, either you can click on the url itself or paste the url on your browser to follow the instructions.

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Free Scrapbooking Layouts

A digital scrapbook is more like an autobiography in some sense. In an autobiography, you concentrate more on your personal life and achievements while in the case of a scrap book it can take in the whole of your family. It can contain photographs of family, baby, short notes, little incidents etc. Further, the scrap booking exercise can involve all the members of your family to make pages. In turn, this will allow each member to express his/her individual style and personalities.

Free Scrapbook layouts

To derive more fun out of your scrapbook creation/craft, you should have scrapbook layouts/kit to give you guidance in laying out your pages. Where then do you find these layouts? Friends can be one source and a good source too. Because when you use a friend’s scrap book layout, you are also using his ingenuity, skill and ideas to formulate your own layout/pattern. You can draw inspiration from your friend’s scrap book layout and discuss with him for more idea to add to your patterns. For example, you may have some specific pictures which need some ideas and themes to create an ideal layout. Your friends can really surprise you when they come up with bright ideas.

Online resources available for scrapbook layouts are endless and they are free too in most cases. Several web sites even offer you elements, layouts, ideas etc. for scrapbooking. Once you browse through web sites, your own ideas can blossom to add value to your scrap book and since no money is involved in acquiring this knowledge, you can use the money for other things too.

If you are still confused on how to proceed, just open any popular search engine like Google, or Yahoo and type in “free scrapbooking layout” and hit enter. A mind boggling number of website will come up and you can filter through the best ones.

While finding free layouts is easy, there is nothing like creating your own layout. Let your imagination run wild to give expression to your individuality and personality. Your layout created by you from scratch will have its own unique character.

Doing it right

Scrapbooking is a fun activity, and there is hardly anything as doing it right. So you need not be afraid as there is no “right” way for laying out scrapbook pages. Treat your scrap book simply as an extension of your life. Your own creativity to make your scrap book pages will be the best in the final analysis and only if for any reason you are unable to devote the time and effort, you should resort to the ready made layouts.

Remember your scrap book pages carry information about your family and yourself and friends. Therefore the more individual characteristics it can carry, the better. While several women have taken to scrapbooking as a hobby/craft, the men have not lagged behind except for the fact they have pursued this not merely as a hobby but also means of making some additional income. Start your scrapbook today and enjoy.

Using some of the free scrapbooking layouts, you are able to help others create their portfolio and you can get paid for the idea and your expertise. There are not many supplies that are needed with this either. You will need some paper, ink, some different fonts for text if and when you would want to print it out. You can also save these on CD’s and send to other people to view and enjoy. Start today to save your memories for tomorrow.

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Rubber Stamping Embossing

Scrapbookers in their effort to embellish their craft are turning to rubber stamping embossing as a great tool. And, on the other side of things, more and more stampers are taking up scrapbooking as an additional hobby. Most hobbies have several things in common, don’t they? Have you ever visited a stamping store? If yes, you would be amazed by the choices and possibilities. We will now look at some of the tips on what to buy (craft supplies) to make beginning with this wonderful hobby as much fun as possible. Some of the items you will need are going to be free, because you have them laying around the house. Some of the other product you are going to have to purchase.

Rubber Stamping and Embossing, Items You Will Need

The most essential tools required for these crafts are a good paper cutter or trimmer, a good pair of scissors and a good supply of card stock. Decorative scissors too can be a very useful tool, particularly when you are looking at greeting cards or similar stamped projects. The circle and oval cutters seem to be on their way out at least from this segment of the business. Templates and the X-acto knife are the preferred replacement for these cutters now. Similarly a paper crimper is something that you may not need because most of the card stock is sold as “pre-crimper”. Another useful tool can be make up sponges to help you apply dye-based ink on to an image for a soft look. A hammer will come in handy for working with eyelets , while a variety of pliers will be useful for working with wire. To store your tools and afford easy portability, you can think of a tool box too. A mouse pad or a desktop blotter under your card stock before stamping will provide the necessary cushion for you to stamp against.

Then you will need a top quality permanent dye-based inkpad in black. The pads should allow you to color in with markers, should be fast drying and versatile. A reinker to keep your pad juicy at all times will be a top necessity. A reinker will also help you to prolong the life of your pad. If you are careful not to allow your pad to get dry, it will remain juicy and juicy pads tend to last longer.

Don’t forget your heat gun

A heat gun and a variety of rubber stamping embossing powders are the next items in the list. To melt your embossing powders you will need the heat gun. The embossed stamps provide the raised finish and an archival quality. A clear embossing powder can be preferred over most pigment inks. When using metallic inks, using a metallic colored embossing powder will be advantageous. If clear embossing powder is used over metallic inks, the sparkle will be lost. Detail embossing powder will be handy for use in very detailed stamps, particularly because they melt to a finer line.

When you are doing embossing in your scrapbook, remember to always emboss your layouts before you attach your pictures to either side of your page. Your photographs can be damaged since the temperature of the heat gun is very high. The ideal way will be to emboss and then allow the page to cool before you put your pictures in.

When it is all said and done

In conclusion, don’t throw away scraps of paper. Stampers can find great value from the scraps of paper which can be converted into many designs. Your mistakes today can be the making of your greatest blessing tomorrow. A piece of work which you did not like today could pop up as excellent piece in a different setting tomorrow. Dare to experiment, don’t be intimidated by fancy projects and know that simple tamped cards and projects can be equally lovely. Rubber stamping embossing can give your project that extra flair that you always look for.

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