Quickutz Nativity 2×2 Dies vs Cricut Cutting Machine

12 Days of Christmas with Joans Craft World

On the fifth day of Christmas…

Many years ago, before I got my first original Cricut machine, I had (and still do have) a Quickutz Squeeze.  I started with the original blue one then of course upgraded to the pink (easier to use) one.  Anyway, I was going through all of the 2×2 metal dies that I have and came across the set of the Nativity.

So I decided for this Christmas craft that I would put this Nativity scene together.

I need to tell you all something I LOVE MY CRICUT EXPRESSION MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut each image out by using the pink squeeze and my hand hurts already.  I know that I could use the Cuttlebug with the A, B and C plates to cut with these dies, but I want to make the entire Quickutz project with the Quickutz.  I have these small pieces of paper that fit perfectly over the metal dies so I’ going to use them and save paper.

The cutting part worked out OK, but holy cow, it’s really hard putting this all together since it is sooo small, and you have to figure out what piece to use over and over again for different parts of the scene.  If I didn’t save the piece of cardboard with the picture on it of what each image is suppose to look like, I would never have been able to put this together.  Well I gave up and only made Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  I don’t even think that I put them together correctly.


That is why I love the Cricut Expression machine because you can make the shapes any size that you want.  Also the images are so much easier to put together.  Cricut takes the guess work out of how to put images together.

I’m not saying that the 2×2 Quickutz shapes are bad, I’m just saying the the Cricut cartridges are the best!

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!