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Now that you are a Scrapbooker a great thing to do is meet other people who share in your passion. And believe me there are tons out there. A good way is to check with your local Scrapbooking store or craft store. They usually offer classes for all levels of Scrapbooking, and as a new Scrapbooker, you will be able to see in person the experienced Scrapbookers and learn some really great tips from them. And I guaranteed that you will make a some new friend along the way that share your passion of Scrapbooking.

As I mentioned earlier, Scrapbooking classes and weekend crops are a great way to get connected with all levels of Scrapbookers. Most of your local Scrapbooking stores offer classes. They are taught by experienced Scrapbookers that have either been Scrapbooking for years or they may have a degree in Scrapbooking. That’s right, now day you can even get a Bachelor of Scrapbooking Degree from Scrapbook Design University. I have one hanging on my wall in my craft room, along with my College degrees, but the Scrapbooking one is the one that really puts a smile on my face. Anyway, the classes are not typically very expensive (and worth every penny that you spend), and in some cases your supplies will be included in the class fee, or you will get a percentage off of the materials used in that class. Classes are great because you will receive a live demonstration of the craft, and have the opportunity to learn directly from experienced Scrapbookers.

If it is hard for you to attend one of these classes, check out some of the classes that they offer online. You will be able to get all the same information and learn the newest and greatest techniques also from experienced Scrapbookers all from the comfort of your own craft room. They often have live chats, so you will be able to ask questions too!

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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