Getting Ready for Halloween

Are you getting ready for all of the Ghost & Goblins in your neighborhood?

I just finished decorating the outside of my house with Scarecrows, and pumpkins.

And I even decorated for fall inside. Years ago I made a felt Ghost banner with sequence that I hang on the wall, along with ghosts made out of a white sheet and a Styrofoam ball for the head. I even made the felt hat. If you like the way it looks here is how you can make your own Hanging Ghost:

  1. Cut a piece of white cotton fabric into a square (you can make it any size that you like)
  2. Cut fringes on the bottom
  3. Take a Styrofoam ball and add two pieces of wire or coat hanger to the bottom of the ball (this is so that it doesn’t just hang droopy)
  4. Place the piece of fabric over the ball
  5. Then tie a piece of ribbon, raffia, or thread around his neck
  6. With a fabric marker (so it doesn’t bleed) draw his eyes and mouth
  7. If you like you can cut out of felt the word BOO and glue to his chest
  8. Add a hat made out of felt. Cut a circle for the base
  9. Then cut another circle and make into a cone shape (glue ends together)
  10. Add a ribbon to the top of the hat for hanging (glue into place)
  11. Hot glue the hat to his head
  12. And your Ghost is ready for hanging

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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