The Scrapping Screw-Up

Every Scrapbooker has done it, I know I have. I know that you will one day. I am talking about A Scrapping Screw-Up.

Picture this – You have just finished the most beautiful, totally awesome Scrapbook page, and you are sitting back thinking that this is the best one yet and all of a sudden you find “IT”, a sticker that ripped, a miss spelled word, a rub-on that has worn off, a finger print. Well do not worry about it; here are a few tips to fix up your “scrapping screwups” instead of starting over or the worst throwing out what you thought was your best ever scrapbook page

What happens though when you have a ripped or misplaced sticker?

There are many ways of fixing a misplaced sticker.

* If you didn’t place the sticker down too hard then carefully use any really sharp object like the tip of a craft knife or even a pair of tweezers to help peel up the sticker. You can place another sticker in the same place of where the sticker is you have duplicates or you may have to add a different embellishment where you took the sticker off.

* If your sticker is stuck to the page and you can’t get it off using the technique above, there is a product called UnDo which takes off the sicker and if used correctly you can re-use the sticker once it dries.

* If these techniques don’t work consider placing a small picture in its place or a larger sticker or another embellishment over the top to cover up the mistake.
Ever have a Rub-On that gets rubbed-off?

Everyone loves rub-ons now days since they come in so many different styles. The alphabets come in a variety of fonts and colors and now they even have sayings that you can use inside your Handmade Greeting Cards, but at times rub-ons don’t love us. I know I can’t tell you how many times I have had used a rub-on where only some of the rub-on goes on so I have to get it off. Here are some tips for when rub-ons go bad.

*Lets say that you were rubbing on a word create and you accidentally rubbed on some letters that should not be in that work, you can use the tip of your craft knife to scratch away the letters that are misplaced.

*If your rub-on is incomplete. I mean that if you are rubbing on the letter “T” and the line on the top is missing, you can use an acid free pen of the same color and fill in the missing spots.

Using rub-ons are going to be so much easier and worry free now that you know how to fix your mistakes.

Found a miss spelled word in your journaling?

No problem. There are a couple of ways to fix that. If you have typed the word or hand wrote it, all you need to do is re-type or re-write that word on either the same color paper or different and cut it out and place over the word. If it looks out of place, retype a couple of other words even though they are spelled correctly and it will look like you intended for some words or sentences to be on different kinds of paper. You can even adhere with a small brad or eyelet for a cool look.

So next time you find a mistake with your spelling, stickers, or rub-ons don’t worry. There is always a creative way to fix it and no one will ever know but you.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!


  1. my little sister loves scrapbooking a lot, she uses those recycled paper materials and stuffs like that.-‘

  2. Very usefull, Thanks

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