My next stop at the Rubber Stamp show was what looked like just another stamp supplier, but all of the stamps were landscapes. I mean a stamp of one limb of a tree with a couple of leaves, then another was mountains, a lake you get what I’m saying. Anyway what they were doing was making beautiful landscape pictures that you could mount on a card or even frame.  The technique that he was using is not new to me but when I saw how many people were in awe of this I just had to tell you about it.

It is all about blending your inks with a stylus tool. The key though is the paper that you need to use. It can not be a matte finish paper it needs to be GLOSSY, that way the inks blend perfectly.

Tools Needed: Rubber Stamp, Stylus Tool (I use the brand Color Box)

Supplies Needed: Glossy Card Stock, Ink: StazOn brand for the black outline, Dye based ink for color

1.  You start with a rubber stamp of any kind, you do not need landscape stamps, you can use flower stamps, sun stamps or whatever kind of stamp that you want. It is just easier with a landscape since all the colors blend really well together and you can overlap without looking messy.

2.  Then you get your glossy cardstock

3.  Now you take your rubber stamp and ink it with a black stamp pad ink. (I use the brand “StazOn” acid-free, archival, fast drying solvent ink)

4.  Press the stamp on your glossy paper and lift up.

5.  Then you will need to heat set this black ink. So using your heat embossing tool, heat this black ink so that it is set and will not smudge.

6.  Now it is time to color in your image. Using your color ink pads (dye based ink) and a stylus tool (tiny sponge on a stick)

7. Gently press your stylus tool in the ink and lightly press it on your image, you will also be able to drag the color since the paper is glossy. Using light application of ink is a great technique since you can always make is darker if needed just by applying more the next time around.

You will be surprised how different this technique looks compared to embossing pens, pencils, chalks. Your finished picture looks just like a photograph.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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