12 Days of Christmas with Joans Craft World – Day 11

12 Days of Christmas with Joans Craft World

On the eleventh day of Christmas…

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Are we ready?  Are the cookies all baked and the packages all wrapped and all of the Christmas cards out in the mail? Did you get/decorate your Christmas tree?

Well I finished wrapping and mailing all of the presents . Yesterday was a little crazy but now I’m feeling good and getting ready to relax and start celebrating.

I’ve been reading some other blogs and a question that I have have seen come up is when is the 12 days of Christmas, because some say before and some say after.  I wrote Joans Craft World’s 12 Days of Christmas before, just because I knew that I was going to be busy with the holidays and figured that you would be too busy celebrating with friends and family and wouldn’t be reading my blog.  But technically, it is really suppose to be 12 days of Christmas starting on Christmas.  The Bible tells us that when Jesus was born on Christmas Day it took 12 Days for the 3 Kings to get to Bethlehem to see him and the Epiphany is 12 Days after Christmas.

So, if you didn’t send your cards out yet or your not done baking cookies, no problem it will be Christmas for 12 days after the 25th.  Whatever you have to still accomplish, just be happy and don’t stress.  You will get it done, you know that you will, so just enjoy every moment.  Sing your favorite Christmas carols, play in the snow (if you have some), drink some hot chocolate, and do what the song says:

“Oh By Golly Have a Holly Jolly Christmas This Year!”


Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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