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For all you crafty cook’s out there, here is the Cricut Cartridge made just for you!

This From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge has so many wonderful shapes of all the appliances and gadgets that you will find in your own kitchen, along with all kinds of food shapes.  Here is a picture of just some of the images.  There are a ton more I just wanted to give you a “taste” of what there is on this cartridge.


Some of you may be saying “What would I do with shapes of food & kitchen appliances” My answer to you is A LOT!!!

Here are some examples of what you can make with this cartridge –

First let’s make recipe cards.  How cool would it be to go into your recipe file and instead of pulling out a plain/boring recipe card, you can pull out a card that is colorful and fun, one that will put a smile on your face, before you start cooking your favorite food.

Have you ever been invited to a Bridal shower and they ask you to bring a recipe for the new bride.  Now how cute would your recipe be if you added some of these images.  Guarantee the bride will make your recipe first, just because it looks good.

How about some church groups or community groups that makes a yearly cookbook.  Wouldn’t it look a lot better if you added a piece of pie next to the recipe or maybe a rolling pin next to the recipe for dough, or a pot of coffee next to a recipe for some fancy coffee drink.

How about making signs for the neighborhood BBQ.  You can cut a big barbecue grill and add that to your sign.  Using your Cricut Expression Machine you can make it really big.

The same can be done for a beach party that is having a lobster or crab bake.  There are two shapes of the cutest lobster and crab that can be cut out in minutes and your friends will think that you had the sign professionally done.

Handmade Greeting Cards can be fun with this cartridge.  I made a birthday card for my sister-in-law using the shape of a toaster.  You can check out this card in my November 4th post.

Now let’s talk about scrapbooking.  You can use this cartridge for hundreds of layouts, ranging from making holiday cookies with the kids, to a picture of a couple relaxing and celebrating a special occasion with a cocktail.  There is a really good looking martini that comes with or without the olive.

I know that in my family when we all get together for birthdays or any holiday, there is always food and someone is always taking pictures (usually me or my brother-in-law Harry) This cartridge has something that will add to our picture and scrapbook page.  There are even plates, knives, forks and spoons.

Let’s say that you only like to eat out at restaurants.  You have a list of your favorite restaurants with the phone numbers next to your phone.  Spice up that list and next to the Italian restaurant cut out the fork with spaghetti on it, and for the Seafood place, how about the platter with the fish on it.  See you can use this cartridge too!

They thought of everything when they designed this cartridge.  Now all you have to do is start designing with this great From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge.  What can you cook up with this cricut cartridge?

Make it a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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