Rubber Stamping and Watercolor Paints

The buzz in the stamping world is Watercolors.  That’s right good old watercolor paints.There are sooo many cool ways to use watercolors with your rubber stamps.  Just remember to use waterproof/permanent ink like StazOn or if you don’t have that make sure that you emboss the ink that you have so that it doesn’t bleed all through your image when you are coloring with your watercolors.  Also watercolors work best with watercolor paper.  This paper holds its shape when wet and will not get all lumpy and bumpy.  Try to find a smooth watercolor paper, just because your stamp image will look better.

If you are going to make a greeting card, a great idea would be to stamp your image on a piece of watercolor paper, and also paint on that piece of paper, but when you are finished, cut it out and layer it onto the cover of your card.  This look will be so professional and if you put a border around it your image it will look like a beautiful framed painting.

I can’t believe how many different types of watercolors are on the market now days.  We have the good old fashion kind, the dry “circles” in a long case that you just put a wet brush on to get the color, or there some that are in tubes and are wet already you just brush them on, some come in jars, pencils, and even crayons.

Watercolors are the easiest way to create shading, just by blending more ink and less water or visa versa. If you have too much water on your paper all you need to do is blot the excess with a paper towel.

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It’s time to make your Custom Christmas Cards

Some of you may be saying, “But it’s only September” exactly, and time is closing in on the holidays.  Have you been to the stores lately?  Christmas stuff is arriving.  I went to a local craft store and they are playing Christmas music already.I have been a little pre-occupied the last couple of months with things going on in “my world”, I usually start my cards in August, so I am behind already.So the first thing that  I have to figure out first of all what kind of card that I will be making.  In that process I have to see if I need to purchase new rubber stamps, papers, holiday embellishments.  Personally, each year I try to outdo myself.  (I don’t put pressure on myself now do I?) But this year I have a really cool idea that I have never done before.  I have always concentrated on the outside design of the card and just add a little saying on the inside, but this year I am going to reverse that.  I have been designing samples on paper, but nothing has come to making of a card yet.  As soon as I have something, I will share it with you.

All of my Custom Christmas Cards are made with Rubber stamps, embossing powders, embossing markers, ink pads and the best quality papers.  I hand cut every piece of paper and apply it to the card with some kind of adhesive, depending on the look that I want.  This is my passion and I hope that it is yours too! – Take pride in what you do, and you will see how good you feel.

Here are a few samples of years past Christmas Cards

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Great Scrapbook Idea

Have you just thought of the most fabulous idea for your Scrapbooking page? It might have been the colors on an advertisement in a magazine that started your idea, or a sign that you saw driving in a car. Whatever sparked you idea there is just a couple of things to do to make sure that your Scrapbook page turns out just as you pictured it to be.First you decided the theme of your Scrapbook. Then it is time to gather all the materials that your will need.

Let’s start with your color scheme and work around that. You will need to get your paper. Start with the main color that you want and then add all of the accent colors around your main color.

You can add accent colors with additional papers, and all types of embellishments such as: Silk flowers, brads, eyelets, stickers, ribbons and the list can go on and on.

For example: If you are making a Wedding Scrapbook you would gather together some white, elegant paper, maybe some lace ribbon, some white flower 3D stickers and then use the color of your bridesmaids dresses as the accent color to bring the whole theme together.


If you are making a Birthday Scrapbook for your son who loves fire trucks, you would get some Red Paper and some sticker letters in the shape of a fire water hose or firemen’s boots. You get the idea.

Now that you have all the materials that you will need it is time to put your Scrapbook Page layout together. Before you start cutting and gluing things all over your paper, you should start by just laying each item on the page before you permanently put them on the page. This will save you a lot of heartache later when you find that your layout isn’t what you thought or it is not fitting on the page. Once everything is in place, then you can permanently adhere to the paper, using a glue stick, glue dots, tape runner etc.

*Tip: Make your Scrapbook in chronological order.

Example: If you have one Scrapbook of yearly vacations, either start with current year first then go backwards from there, or visa versa. Don’t skip a year unless you didn’t take a vacation that year. It will be so much nicer to look at a book that is not jumping all over the place from year to year.

Making a scrapbook can be one of the most satisfying things that you can do for yourself and others who you will be sharing it with. You will be preserving your memories in a beautiful, decorative fashion, and can let others see the photo stories that mean so much to you.

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