Spring Has Sprung! (A Quote from My Mother)

Growing up the first day of spring my mom would recite a poem for us and I guess after hearing it for many years it is just on of those things that sticks in your head. It goes like this:

Spring has sprung

The Grass has riz

I wonder where the birdies is

The birds are on the wing

The birds are on the wing?

My word How Absurd

I thought the wing was on the bird.

I can’t believe that it is spring already and that Easter has already gone. It seems like it was just Christmas. I guess that saying of Time Flies when you are having fun is true. Since having my own business and enjoying every moment of every day, time really does fly by. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could “pause life” like we do on our televisions now days and just savor the great times for as long as we want and then at the same time fast forward the not so happy times in our lives.

Crafting is a great way of just being in the happy moment. I know that when I am making my Handmade Greeting Cards I can be anyplace that I want. Even though my craft studio is in my home in New Mexico, I can dream of being on a beach in Hawaii or driving my vesper with my husband through the wine country of Tuscany. I am in my own little world and nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!


Another Spring Craft Show in the Record Books

I can’t believe that the Spring Show is over.  It takes so long to prepare and then it is gone.  I guess it is just like any event that you plan for.  The preparation always takes more time than the actual event.  

The overall census of the show this year was that there were a lot of “lookers” and not “buyers”.  My friend’s mom called them “Lookie Lous” Me personally, I think that since Easter is so early this year, and tax season is creeping just around the corner that people really weren’t buying for that reason.  All of the crafters products were great; there were a lot of jewelry crafters with beaded items, ceramic pottery, rhinestone shirts & hats, candy, some “crafters” that I wouldn’t call crafters were selling items that were not hand made, almost like going to a flea market kind of items and antique stuff.

The coolest part is that I was the only one there who was selling Handmade Greeting Cards.  I did really well on my Easter cards and Custom Birthday cards and believe it or not Get Well cards.  I did make Mothers Day & Fathers Day cards but they didn’t sell, I’m thinking that people don’t think that much in advance, at least not at this show.  That is the chances that you always take when you are in a show.  You never know what is going to be the big seller.

The best part of selling your own handmade greeting cards or whatever it is that you create is the satisfaction and accomplishment that you feel when the customer comes up to you and compliments you on your work.  It is a feeling that puts a big smile on your face.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!


Counting Down to the Spring Craft & Gift Show

Today is a get “my butt” in gear day. This show is going to be fantastic for Easter cards primarily because of the timing of the event. I have come up with a few design ideas that I’ve been working on in my head. Now it’s time to put it to work. Here is a sample of one of my ideas.

Simple steps to Creating the perfect handmade Easter Card:

I find that being organized is very helpful so I get all my supplies ready for this one card, this way it keeps my work area clear of unwanted materials.

Now since I know that I am going to make 25 of each image, I will work in stages. For me this is the best way to mass produce cards. Especially if you are going to be making a cards that are layered.

1. I then start stamping the image on the white cardstock with my black ink. (I am using color box pigment ink since I will be using embossing powder. The pigment ink stays wet longer and holds the powder great.)

2. Once I have stamped the image on my cardstock, I then apply my Clear Embossing Powder to the stamped image. I shake off the excess into my plastic tray since I can re-use what was shaken off. (I use a plastic craft tray that has a funnel at one end, this makes is really easy to put the embossing powder back into its original container.)

3. I then heat the embossing powder with my Embossing Heat Tool until the Embossing powder crystals are smooth and shiny. (I use a Marvy Embossing Heat Tool.)

4. Then I use my colored embossing markers to color in my image. (I use Wet Looks Embossing Markers by Marvy)

5. When I have completed coloring my image I then apply Clear Embossing Powder to the entire image and heat with my Embossing Heat Tool until the embossing powder crystals are smooth and shiny.

6. Since I am using a layered look to my card, and have the words Happy Easter stamped on purple cardstock, I would follow the same inking and embossing procedures as I did on the stamped image of the card.

7. Now all I do is assemble the card to make the final product. I use adhesive tabs to put the layered cardstock together. (I use Herma Vario permanent tab adhesive).

You have now made a perfect handmade layered card for your family, friends or customers to enjoy. I bet whoever receives this hand made greeting card will never throw it out! This is a keeper for sure.

Easter Card 2008

Have a great day and don’t forget to leave time to craft!


Scrapbook Page Layout & Design

For the beginner Scrapbooker designing your first page can be scary. I know that sounds crazy, but you are looking at all the new supplies that you have purchased and thinking to yourself what happens if I mess up, I just wasted all this money on supplies. Always remember that your scrapbook pages do not have to look like anyone else’s. They can be really simple, just a picture and some journaling on a page or you can make them full of embellishments. It’s all up to you.

A lot of Scrapbookers like to start out by at least having some kind of idea of how there page is going to look like when completed. If you are not that creative you can pickup a Scrapbooking magazine and find a layout that you would like to try or there is a great book written by Becky Higgins called Creative Companion. This is a book that is filled with sample page layouts. Find one that works with the number of photographs you have, and has a design that works with your style. I refer to this book a lot when I am having a scrappers block.

Now that you have the idea it is time to gather all of the supplies you will need to get your scrapbook page looking like the sample that you have chosen. Remember, just because the sample layout that you found is all in blue and green tones, you don’t have to use them, especially is your pictures are geared towards the colors of red and yellows. Use your imagination and you will make a beautiful masterpiece that you can call your own.

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!


Join Other Scrapbookers

Now that you are a Scrapbooker a great thing to do is meet other people who share in your passion. And believe me there are tons out there. A good way is to check with your local Scrapbooking store or craft store. They usually offer classes for all levels of Scrapbooking, and as a new Scrapbooker, you will be able to see in person the experienced Scrapbookers and learn some really great tips from them. And I guaranteed that you will make a some new friend along the way that share your passion of Scrapbooking.

As I mentioned earlier, Scrapbooking classes and weekend crops are a great way to get connected with all levels of Scrapbookers. Most of your local Scrapbooking stores offer classes. They are taught by experienced Scrapbookers that have either been Scrapbooking for years or they may have a degree in Scrapbooking. That’s right, now day you can even get a Bachelor of Scrapbooking Degree from Scrapbook Design University. I have one hanging on my wall in my craft room, along with my College degrees, but the Scrapbooking one is the one that really puts a smile on my face. Anyway, the classes are not typically very expensive (and worth every penny that you spend), and in some cases your supplies will be included in the class fee, or you will get a percentage off of the materials used in that class. Classes are great because you will receive a live demonstration of the craft, and have the opportunity to learn directly from experienced Scrapbookers.

If it is hard for you to attend one of these classes, check out some of the classes that they offer online. You will be able to get all the same information and learn the newest and greatest techniques also from experienced Scrapbookers all from the comfort of your own craft room. They often have live chats, so you will be able to ask questions too!

Have a Great Day and don’t forget to leave time to Craft!

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